Monday, November 12, 2007

don't cry for me...sao paulo?

hello dear reader, sorry for the lack of blogginess. i was on vacation. now, i know that's not an excuse since c4ts managed to blog across america, but i was feeling lazy and low tech-y. anyway, the vacation started out gloriously--went to buenos aires, stuffed my face with just sinful amounts of beef and wine (bargain basement prices!), gallivanted across town, sat in the hooligan section at a soccer match, slept to my heart's content, and just when i thought, what a lovely vacation (i'll post photos of the fun part, but no photos of food bc i feel uncomfortable breaking out my camera in restaurants), the airline gods intervened and decided that the fun must come to an end, and in a spectacularly disastrous fashion. the formula for such fun-ending is as follows:

1) book your flight out of buenos aires on a barely functioning airline.
2) make sure you make your connection to nyc in sao paulo, at a barely functioning airport.
3) realize - after your airplane has landed at a different airport (campinas?) than its intended destination - that you are 20 minutes away from missing your flight to nyc...the ONLY flight to nyc that day.
4) finally, after landing at the correct airport, finally, neglect to pick up your luggage bc you foolishly believed, as you were told, that your bags would be waiting for you beyond customs.
5) realize this list is both long and boring and just let people know that you were delayed for 24 hours in sao paulo, finally arrived in nyc at 8am and got to work 2 hours later.
6) you are hopped up on caffeine yet borderline comatose.

and your bag is somewhere between brazil and here...

huh what? kanye's mom died?! omg, giuliani won the coveted 700 club vote? oh wait, maybe he won't be prez?


cold4thestreets said...

E, You leave the hemisphere and don't tell me? What're we--Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty on the set of Charmed. A little professional courtesy please.

Also, welcome back!

E said...

i like to think that we're at least rosie o'donnell/elisabeth hasselbeck. i'll write a psychotic barely english haiku on my other secret blog.

i went to BA
without telling anyone
circle of trust - gone?

speaking of which, do you think hasselbeck thought about JTT when she named her kid taylor thomas?