Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't Sass Me, Fuckstick

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How old do you think Wilford Brimley is? Seriously ask yourself. I've been reviewing documents to see if they're responsive to our the-law-firm-at-which-I-work's protective order while thinking about guzzling bottles of white-out from the supply room and ending it all. Well, not really. I get through these kinds of tasks with the aid of Hulu, Netflix's Watch Instantly function, and This American Life podcasts. Today, I've been catching up on a backlog of Colbert Report episodes, and he just now mentioned Wilford Brimley -- in the present tense. And I thought didn't Wilford Brimley die years ago? I looked him up on the Wikipedia, and not only is he very much alive, he's only 73. While that's not young per se, I would've put him in his late 80's, easy.

But it turns out he was only 59 when The Firm came out -- which co-starred Gene Hackman, who is almost 5 years older than him - and 51 when Cocoon came out -- which co-starred Don Ameche and Hume Cronyn, both of whom, were they alive today, would be about 100. Now, I didn't watch Cocoon, but wasn't Wilford Brimley supposed to be old as shit like those guys in the movie? Hasn't he looked old as shit ever since we were kids and Quaker Oats was the right thing to do? I think there's a really compelling argument against mustaches and oatmeal to be made here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to Get Rid of Those Zubaz Pants

Morgan Freeman Before Shawshank Blew Him Up - Watch more free videos

So, I went and saw this charming, little sleeper film the other day called The Dark Knight. I totally think it's going to be this year's My Big Fat Greek Juno. Anyway, it was visually arresting, refreshingly morbid, totally unapologetic about its misanthropy, a morally complex allegory for our post-FISA society, yadda yadda yadda...But one thing that really bothered me about the movie is the part when Bruce Wayne asks Lucius for a new suit, and he quips, "Yes, 3 buttons is a little 90's, Mr. Wayne." I own two, three-button suits and until that moment I totally thought they were stylish, but now Morgan Freeman has called me out. I bought my first three-button suit like ten years ago. I am Bruce Wayne. Now I guess I better get busy dying or get busy living and do a little fashion updating. Meanwhile let's all enjoy a little jive talk and timeless fashions, courtesy of Morgan Freeman and The Electric Company.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

pandas to distract you from my secret shame

ooh, this is a good game - the telegraph of london asked authors which Great Books they were ashamed to admit they had never read. since that list would be MUCH too long, i'm going to present a less literary (and more new york magazine-y) version. at the risk of alienating the entire readership (i.e., c4ts), here is a list of Great Pop Cultural, uh, Things which i've not read/seen/heard:
  • the wire - yes, i admit it! bayrex, i'm sorry. i made it to episode 3 of season 1. i will have to return the DVDs to you.
  • sonic youth - pioneers, vanguard, forefather/mothers, etc. don't care.
  • none of the russians (y'know, tolstoy, dostoevsky, chekhov, etc.) - i said that to someone once and he asked, "not even nabokov?" i dunno, i tend to not include him. am i wrong on this?
  • big lebowski - everyone freaking fell all over themselves when this movie came out. i dunno, i don't get it. something about bowling or something.
anyway, if you have a Pop Cultural Shame, do let me know so that i don't feel so alone. and pedestrian.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

separated at birth - the genocide edition

aw fuck it, i can't get the formatting right. you get my drift.

Estelle Getty, 1923 - 2008

Rose: Sophia, is that a Captain Jack's Seafood Shanty uniform?

Sophia: No, Rose. I'm off to discover the Straits of Magellan. Yo ho!


Hello, betrayed blog-reading community. Without even the indignity of a break-up post-it -- look, E, I made a Sex and the City reference -- I left you for sootier, developing-worldlier pastures. But I'm back.

Sugarpockets and I took a very unrelaxing trip to Pakistan (with detours in Hong Kong and Bangkok) to attend my sister's wedding and to catch up with extended family. There is much to be said about our adventures, but I should probably seize my jet-lag-jump-started day and head to work soon. So I will say only this: It's good to be back, though strangely not at all disorienting.

I last went to Pakistan in 2002, and in the previous six years the reach of globalized brands has extended far and wide across the Karachi and Lahore urban landscapes. The blue-chip brands had long ago made their mark in the Pakistani marketplace, but now lower market companies-- like Papa John's and Clarks -- have come to the fore. Of course, Lahore has always been a branded city -- Pepsi and Coca-Cola have waged an advertising war there for years -- but the presence of these new brands has given the place a new and more noticeably western sheen. In the past, at least Pepsi and Coke made attempts to transliterate their logos into Urdu. But in the current wave of branding, all logos look like they've been exported straight from the Paramus Park Mall. While it's one thing to go to Pakistan and find knockoff Izod polo shirts, it's quite another--and it's vaguely unsettling--to see an official Lacoste store in Clifton in Karachi. Couple this increased multi-national presence with the fact that everyone--everyone from Karachi to Lahore to Bangkok to Hong Kong to Kowloon is talking about Obama and The Dark Knight--coming home doesn't seem strange at all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

what could be better than puppies?

c4ts, not sure if you're back from your vacation yet, but i have made the most wonderful discovery ever.

you can watch every episode of family freaking ties on the internets! well, okay, so only the first 4 seasons. i think that should keep you busy for a while at least. i'm so freaking excited i can't even deal.

and you were right, btw.

Friday, July 18, 2008

visages of the times

i don't have anything to add to this post because it is just that hilarious.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

careless whispers

omg, whilst speaking with heidi last night she reminded me that i hadn't posted in almost a month (egads!!) and that she has begun reading OTHER BLOGS for entertainment. such things are forbidden! i have to admit i've not been as inspired of late, but that photo was something else.

anyway, here's what's news.

c4ts texted me a while back to let me know that he'd seen some dude from real world new york (the first round) in his oakland neighborhood. true confession - i've actually never seen any episodes from that season, although, of course, i know who eric nies is. oh wait, is he from LA? anyway, i know he's from the real world and that's all that matters. and then it came out that some dude from the real world is running for congress! of course, i read this as "different world" and thought, hell, this ain't dwayne wayne.

not much has been going on. i don't care to really weigh in on the "is obama not left enough" debate bc as far as i'm concerned, stevens and probably ginsburg will either retire/die and i sure don't want mccain at the helm when that happens. i think this gail collins editorial sums up my views in general on this pointless (as far as i'm concerned) debate. hey green party supporters, good luck with that.

oh yes, c4ts, here is a news roundup:
  • sienna miller is now with balthazar getty, who i only remember as some pudgy slash washed-out actor from the 90s, but turns out is actually an heir to the getty oil fortune. he drinks her milkshakes. or something. he has 4 kids. and i believe is still married. gross.
  • seems that nobody enjoyed the c-rod/a-rod/madonna/lenny kravitz love quadrangle as much as i did. nonetheless, here's an infographic summing up what you missed.
  • i also enjoyed the christie brinkley/peter cook madness, but it was pretty seamy.
  • and do you remember that awesome show "dear john" starring judd hirsch? bc it turns out my sisters and i are the only ones who do.