Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to Get Rid of Those Zubaz Pants

Morgan Freeman Before Shawshank Blew Him Up - Watch more free videos

So, I went and saw this charming, little sleeper film the other day called The Dark Knight. I totally think it's going to be this year's My Big Fat Greek Juno. Anyway, it was visually arresting, refreshingly morbid, totally unapologetic about its misanthropy, a morally complex allegory for our post-FISA society, yadda yadda yadda...But one thing that really bothered me about the movie is the part when Bruce Wayne asks Lucius for a new suit, and he quips, "Yes, 3 buttons is a little 90's, Mr. Wayne." I own two, three-button suits and until that moment I totally thought they were stylish, but now Morgan Freeman has called me out. I bought my first three-button suit like ten years ago. I am Bruce Wayne. Now I guess I better get busy dying or get busy living and do a little fashion updating. Meanwhile let's all enjoy a little jive talk and timeless fashions, courtesy of Morgan Freeman and The Electric Company.


E said...

wow not sure if i would use "refreshing" and "morbid" in the same sentence, but i attribute the lack of a definite resolution more to the franchise's desire for a sequel than any artistic ambitions.

is there any backstory to why maggie gyllenhaal replaced katie holmes? just wonderin'.

also, did christian bale speak in that husky voice throughout "batman begins"? it was such a distraction.

in any case, i still think he's the best batman of them all and i liked the movie.

ottertutes said...

As a cheapskate, I still proudly wear three button suits.

Was it just me or did Maggie G look super busted in that movie?

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