Sunday, July 20, 2008

what could be better than puppies?

c4ts, not sure if you're back from your vacation yet, but i have made the most wonderful discovery ever.

you can watch every episode of family freaking ties on the internets! well, okay, so only the first 4 seasons. i think that should keep you busy for a while at least. i'm so freaking excited i can't even deal.

and you were right, btw.


cold4thestreets said...

you know, a couple of months ago i saw a little bit of _wayne's world_ on tv and was appalled at how excruciatingly unfunny it was. now, i'm thinking, maybe it's best to let sleeping 80's sitcom dogs die.

_family ties_ can't possible be as good as i remember it. then again, _golden girls_ only seems to get better with time, so who knows.

E said...

what?! have we met? give up on 80s sitcoms? now what will we have to talk about

anyway, yeah, i give you that full house probably isn't worth revisiting, but family ties is even more awesome in the 00s.

cold4thestreets said...

btw, i totally meant "lie" not "die." and then i made a reference to the golden girls, and now estelle getty is dead...with great power comes great responsibility.

E said...

lie, die, you said what you had to say.