Wednesday, July 9, 2008

careless whispers

omg, whilst speaking with heidi last night she reminded me that i hadn't posted in almost a month (egads!!) and that she has begun reading OTHER BLOGS for entertainment. such things are forbidden! i have to admit i've not been as inspired of late, but that photo was something else.

anyway, here's what's news.

c4ts texted me a while back to let me know that he'd seen some dude from real world new york (the first round) in his oakland neighborhood. true confession - i've actually never seen any episodes from that season, although, of course, i know who eric nies is. oh wait, is he from LA? anyway, i know he's from the real world and that's all that matters. and then it came out that some dude from the real world is running for congress! of course, i read this as "different world" and thought, hell, this ain't dwayne wayne.

not much has been going on. i don't care to really weigh in on the "is obama not left enough" debate bc as far as i'm concerned, stevens and probably ginsburg will either retire/die and i sure don't want mccain at the helm when that happens. i think this gail collins editorial sums up my views in general on this pointless (as far as i'm concerned) debate. hey green party supporters, good luck with that.

oh yes, c4ts, here is a news roundup:
  • sienna miller is now with balthazar getty, who i only remember as some pudgy slash washed-out actor from the 90s, but turns out is actually an heir to the getty oil fortune. he drinks her milkshakes. or something. he has 4 kids. and i believe is still married. gross.
  • seems that nobody enjoyed the c-rod/a-rod/madonna/lenny kravitz love quadrangle as much as i did. nonetheless, here's an infographic summing up what you missed.
  • i also enjoyed the christie brinkley/peter cook madness, but it was pretty seamy.
  • and do you remember that awesome show "dear john" starring judd hirsch? bc it turns out my sisters and i are the only ones who do.


Heidi said...

thank god you're back. i had a huge crush on balthazar getty when he played ralph in the remake of lord of the flies. he looks pretty washed up now, though.

i'm trying to think... what is sienna miller famous for, again?

Rachel said...

i think Sienna Miller is famous for wearing a grecian headdress while banging Jude Law. or something.

E said...

i believe she introduced the whole prairie dress plus cowboy boots look that really doesn't look good on anyone.

cold4thestreets said...

i am back. and i am jet-lagged. i fell asleep at like 8 pm and woke up hours ago. anyway, a couple of things:

1) actually, i saw malik from real world -- back to new york. he owns a t-shirt shop in oakland now, and he's lost the 'fro.

2) has anyone ever seen a film with sienna miller? i saw _layer cake_, and i think she takes off her clothes in that, but only has like five minutes of screen time. and maybe that was someone else.

3) balthazar getty should try to play liev schrieber's little brother in a film. or try to get in on the 90210 show. or he could just continue to be a getty. that's not a bad job either.

4) i did not click on the a-rod/madonna et al. thing. there is some gossip that's even beneath me. i am happy to be in the dark with this one.

5) i remember _dear john_. weirdly, i remember the theme song.

E said...

you can't even click on a damn link for an infographic?!

cold4thestreets said...

Nope. So indifferent am I to the life of A-Rod. Also, here's the Dear John theme song.

E said...

you know, just when i think i have nothing better to do than to re-watch the entire family ties oeuvre, someone demonstrates that they have even less to do.

either case, i love the commentary:
Not only is this a terrible song, performed by an atrocious voic...the concept is shit...what a horrible way to start a show...a guy getting dumped?


Put this out on dvd! Great show!

it's like lincoln-douglas redux.

Collin said...

Did you read that article in the Times where they pronounced Madonna dead as a fashion icon? The best line from the article was when Betsy Johnson, or some other orange haired fashion hag, said Madonna's clothes are so boring she "looks like Christy Brinkley going to court." That kind of made my summer.