Saturday, December 6, 2008

...and they pay her to write this?

i don't know who gail collins is and what she's about, but i know i've defended her to heidi before. i dunno, although her editorials are not very sophisticated they sometimes closely track my own thoughts, so to criticize her would be to criticize myself. or something.

but you know, maybe i'm not giving myself enough credit because even i didn't bother to think this thought:

Saxby Chambliss’s victory in Georgia means that Republicans will have at least 41 seats in the Senate, and if they stick together, the party has the capacity to stop a bill in its tracks.


oh well, still better than maureen dowd.

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cold4thestreets said...

end of the year comment bonanza begins...

who is this person? who are any of the op-edders on the times page? why don't they just get sewell to adopt multiple personae and write everybody's copy?

actually, this isn't really a joke. at some point, all the lay-offs and buy-outs will come to a head, and one brave soul will remain in the newsroom, my (sort of) friend and yours, sewell chan. will we even notice a difference in the times' coverage?