Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This picture speaks for itself, I know. But because I believe in two part harmonies, let me speak for it also. This is the greatest photo portrait in the history of human existence. It is also a picture of me in my dorm room in the fall of 1996. Your task is to identify how many 90's elements there are in this record and comment accordingly. This photograph will soon be on display in the National Archives; the curator thanks you in advance.



E said...

is that dole sticker ironic? if so, 2 points for me.

Thumbu Sammy said...

The detachable speakers on the boombox is pretty vintage 90s. But holmes, by the mid-90s, we were all wearing black socks with our white caps.

cold4thestreets said...

E, yes and yes. But don't tell Sugarpockets. She thinks I'm a Republican.

Thumbu, why you got to clown me for my early 90's style in the mid-90's?