Friday, September 11, 2009

depressing quote of the day


(from a wall street journal interview with jon krakauer, who has just written a book about pat tillman)

WSJ: You end the book with a gloomy visit to Afghanistan in early 2007. What did Mr. Tillman's sacrifice mean?

Mr. Krakauer: It didn't mean anything. It speaks to the mythology of war and how we glorify it for our national interests. There is nothing glamorous or romantic about war. It's mostly about random pointless death and misery. And that's what his death tells us. It reminds me that the good aren't rewarded, there's no such thing as karma. Maybe it says something about the dangers of any sort of idealism that isn't tempered by pragmatism or experience.



cold4thestreets said...

Wasn't Jon Krakauer that Jew-froed blonde guy in love with Angela Chase?

Also, why is MSCL the only show where I know every character's first and last names? Jordan Catalano, Ricky Vasquez, Ray Anne McGrath, etc.

ps -- Who'm I kidding? Jon Krakauer is not Brian Krakow. I know the dif.

E said...

you know, i just couldn't get into that show. not sure whether it was bc i thought jared leto was really unattractive or perhaps clare danes's voice was really whiny or bc the only episode mtv kept showing was the one where she gets a fake license. anyway, this for some reason reminds me of a story: an early-20-something coworker was discussing suzanne somers with my 30-something friend and referred to her as "that woman from step by step!" and didn't know what three's company was.

as our esteemed 43rd prez once said, is our children learning?