Thursday, October 15, 2009

celeb spotting

two random celebs seen recently:

1. alicia silverstone (somewhere near union square) - now, mind you, she could be mistaken for any other random pretty blonde, but i'm 99% certain this was her. i even checked for that mole on her forehead (yeah, you didn't think to do that, did you). she is very pretty. nonetheless, i expected a vegan to have better skin. as if.

2. ed begley, jr. (on the N train near midtown) - y'know, i couldn't name a single movie/tv show this guy's been in/on, so don't ask how i know who he is or what he looks like. still, i heard/read somewhere that he's a huge environmentalist, and sure enough, he and his entire family were riding the train, looking extremely uncomfortable next to the rest of us. yeah, this ain't no prius, that's for sure.


Jamie said...

I absolutely loved him in She-Devil.

sugarpockets said...

he was great on st. elsewhere too!

cold4thestreets said...

Dude, Ed Begley rules those Comcast or whatever commercials with that other guy from all the Christopher Guest movies who's also in that show about those people.

Hot on the heels of your Alicia Silverstone sighting, you should have accused Ed Begley, in front of all his family, that he's a virgin who can't drive. That would be awesome because he was like the first person on earth to buy a Prius. And, plus, he's riding the train. Like a normal person.

Also, sugarpockets' boss went high school with Ed Begley.

And with that, I conclude my essay on Ed Begley.

sugarpockets said...

Oh yeah! I forgot that my ED went to high school with him. And the Beave. So random.