Monday, September 27, 2010

pavement/lcd soundsystem

so i went to a free outdoor festival over the weekend. pretty good lineup: matt & kim, joan jett, omg pavement and lcd soundsystem. at a different stage, luda and M.I.A. performed. i'm probably missing some others, but anyway.

i'd say the vast majority of attendees were in the early-to-mid 20s range. most were unfailingly polite, managing to not step on your blanket or other personal items when ambling drunkenly across the grass field where we were all seated.

the new york times was totally right, btw. the elaine benes look is back, full force. a sizable portion of the young girls there were wearing tiny floral prints and/or rompers. some looked adorable, while anyone weighing over 100 lbs looked a little...compromised.

here is the setlist for pavement. and lcd's setlist. i can't believe there's an entire wiki site devoted to just setlists. man, you don't have to remember anything anymore.

anyway, pavement were pretty solid, although they still couldn't help but bicker. scott kannberg, aka spiral stairs, looked old and kind of beer-bloated. they played several favorites, including summer babe, trigger cut and starlings of the slipstream. it was like riding a bike, y'all. only if remembering anything about the law were as easy.

but you know, LCD were just awesome. their music was meant to be heard in a huge outdoor pavillion. your fancy stereo and/or headphones just do not do justice to the sound.


cold4thestreets said...

Pavement for free? Franzen for free? Is DC trying to escape its rep as a cultural deadzone. And look at you, with all your weekend plans.

E said...

as a certain erstwhile local rapper told me recently, "DC has everything NY does." maybe he's right, except that whatever event won't be completely mobbed.

nonetheless, i will not rest until i find decent sushi at a reasonable price in this damn town.

cold4thestreets said...

you're welcome.

E said...

oh man, should also have mentioned easily accessible by public transit as another category.

cold4thestreets said...

yeah. forgot you don't have a car. but on the bright side, if you did, you would get a ticket on that stretch of macarthur. it's the worst.