Thursday, January 6, 2011

Piece of Shit Cry Baby

America. A truly culturally and ideologically heterogeneous country. We have our political differences, sure. These differences sometimes give rise to shrill, unfocused passion, but come on, nothing wrong with that. ("Build the dang fence.") But one thing I have always liked about the citizenry is that it does not abide cry babies. So, what the fuck is up with us now? How do we abide the spectacle above? Nancy Pelosi needs to take the Speaker's gavel and beat the living shit out of that fucking tear-filled turd sandwich standing behind her. Not because he is wrong about everything ever, but because leading the posturing, blustering tough-guy party means you can't be a piece of shit cry baby. I am pretty sure that's in the Constitution, near the part that says black people are fractional human beings.


E said...

this is the one time when i can agree with sarah palin - there is no effing way this shit would be tolerated if pelosi were crying. granted, not sure whether pelosi can anymore, thanks to the copious botoxing.

E said...

remember the time hilary's voice WAVERED and people questioned her competence?

oh no, homicidal rage building.