Monday, August 8, 2011

things i will miss about dc

- affordable rent
- public transit that does not resemble a trashcan on wheels
- feeling ok about not going to the gym because i'm feeling thin, on a relative scale
- feeling stylish because i brushed my hair even though it's still wet
- living two blocks from a target
- being surrounded by people who are possibly more nerdy than i am (NB: didn't think it was possible)
- concerts that don't sell out before they even officially go on sale
- streets that don't smell like urine and/or festering garbage


1 comment:

cold4thestreets said...

free museums? the weird claes oldenburg pencil eraser in the national sculpture garden? burgers not made by hack danny meyer?
ovechkin? apocalyptic panic when it snows more than one quarter of an inch? masochistic devotion to the redskins? knowing that you're living in proximity to where your idol c4ts was raised from boy to bloggoman?