Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hello, dear friends!

omg we haven't blogged in 2012 and it's already the end of july. lazy? preoccupied? unable to string together actual sentences and thoughts? all of the above, perhaps. and maybe because it's easy to post something quippy on facebook and receive immediate reactions. those "likes" sure soothe the ego. or something.

anyway, i am going to actively avoid talking about anything that may even touch upon my work. SO...let's talk about the olympics! first, it's so boring to talk about the passage of time, but seriously, didn't beijing happen like last week? how have four years passed? second, i won't be cheering for the US, don't worry. my many, many years living here have not convinced me that i should add to the nativist fervor. finally, does anyone still care about the olympics?

oh yes, this also allows me to talk about one of my favorite subjects in life: how old i feel/am. one of my college internships was for nbc olympics's FIRST website. i think i may have blogged about this before, but every four years, i'm reminded of how novel it was to move this content online. and apparently nbc is streaming the whole thing this year!

 so there you go, folks. opening ceremony in a few days.  relax.

 in the meanwhile, you may want to read this extremely long profile of bruce springsteen. bruuuuuuuuuuce!!!

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