Monday, January 21, 2013

random inauguration tidbits

oh dc friends, i am SO jealous that you all are partying it up for the inauguration!  and without republicans, apparently.  at least one republican stuck around and michelle obama is not impressed.

chuck schumer is psyched!  btw, who chose him to be emcee?

whenever james taylor sings at any public event, all i can think of is his cameo on the simpsons (he scolds buzz aldrin at around 1:30).  and who knew there were so many different songs about how great america is?  pretty sure all canadians have is "oh canada."

beyonce looked SO good and sounded even better.  though for a brief moment her anthem made me think of whitney houston's at the superbowl so many years ago.  RIP.

the obamas love beyonce!

RBG and her flowery shoes with...that other guy.

i see john boehner and his wife have some kind of a 2-for-1 deal at the tanning salon.

and here is the full text of richard blanco's poem.  i know next to nothing about poetry--sometimes i found his self-referential details a bit jarring, but i appreciated his evocation of the ordinary.

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