Wednesday, June 4, 2008


oh detroit, how you've been forgotten. your basketball team doesn't even play in your city.

in any case, the great game of hockey concluded its season today, with the always likable red wings emerging as the victors. well, aside from chris chelios, who is the dirtiest player pretty much ever.

anyway, here's to you, stevie yzerman. i know you're no longer even in the game, but as a certain michigander said, i'm sure you're out there being tough and handsome.


Alex said...

eunice i think you are awesome and we should hang out more . . . i am always surprised about your puck posts . . . they reveal a super awesome and kind of random . . . i mean, i get the canada thing but it's still kind of random in a good way.

anonymous alex

cold4thestreets said...

Actually, a lot of teams don't play in the cities they purport to represent. The New York football teams, for instance, as well as my hometown Redskins, come to mind.

It's kind of like growing up in northern Virginia and telling people you're from DC, or when, it serves your purposes, telling them you're from the south.

E said...

well, it doesn't exactly undermine my point that detroit is a forgotten town. there are a host of other reasons that i'll blog about someday.

but yeah, i hate that shiz. some dude i know from scarsdale tried to claim he was from new york city. in what universe?

anyway, let's focus here - steve yzerman is hot. and sorely missed.

E said...

and the fact i finally got anonymous alex to acknowledge my presence on this blog.

Collin said...

I've never been much of a hunkley fan, I think it has something to do w/ all the innings. Anyway, I am a Detroit Pistons fan through and through but I certainly tip my hat the Red Wings for bringing their friend Stanley back where he belongs. Did you know Chris Chelios has a restaurant named Cheli's Chili?

E said...

does the chili elbow you in the face or cross check you into the boards while your back is turned to it?

otherwise, it should be called some other non-alliterative, lady-byng friendly name, like maybe sakic's chili or kariya's chili.