Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rage & Hope

Every so often, I'm amazed by my own capacity to hate. Thank you, Sarah Palin, for surprising me anew.

The other night, you delivered a speech so antagonistic to truth (Bridge to Nowhere), so dripping with condescension (Barack Obama's presidency as journey of personal discovery), so bursting with sarcasm ("community organizers"), I just wanted to reach through my TV and punch you in the face. Okay, I've been raised right, so I wouldn't really do that -- but I would spit in your face. I would do that much. So you should avoid me, Sarah Palin. You criticize Harry Reid for running a "do nothing" Senate, but you dismiss government as too big and meddling; you call the other candidate an elitist, but mock his work with poor people in Chicago. You are a horrible person -- in some ways more horrible than George W. Bush, whose religious conversion I always took to be more politically calculated than anything else. You, Sarah Palin, believe -- and I can tell this isn't an act -- you believe in a God who wants to smite Muslims, who wants to see the Earth depleted of its natural treasures, who wants teenagers to deliver their rapists' babies into this world without nary a handout from the government.

Listening to your speech, I vacillated between two thoughts: either this parade of sugar-coated lunacy will unite the desultory base of the Republican party while alienating moderate women and undecided independents, or the narrative of the entire election has been recrafted. If you just accomplish the former, you and your grandfather and his jaundiced smile lose. But if you accomplish the latter, and if, as I believe, the McCain campaign is right when they say issues don't matter to Americans, personalities do, then you will sweep into the White House, emboldened in the belief that you are doing God's bidding.

Oh, and one more thing. I know all us good liberals are supposed to say, "John McCain's an American hero, but...," but fuck that. The guy was a lousy midshipman, shirked his duties while training to become an aviator, and crashed four planes in non-combat situations. Tell me what he did to help win the Vietnam War, and I'll give a shit about his service. Getting tortured sucks for John McCain, no doubt, but if he wins because of it, then it sucks for me too.

So, here it is, anonymous Alex. the official c4ts endorsement:

Obama-Biden '08.


Thumbu Sammy said...


Alex said...

hey man -- great post. i agree with everything and am glad you endorsed . . .

E said...

whatever. he's still gonna lose.

there, i said it.

cold4thestreets said...

E, I cannot deal with yours and everyone else's new found cynicism. I have long been accused of being the Debbie Downer in this popularit contest, but really my predominant motivation has been contrarianism. Now that everyone's freaking out because a Coen Brothers' character is taking America by storm, I am finding Cynicism Cove a bit too crowded. Obama will win is the contrarian view of the day, and I will trumpet it. Short of it being revealed that Bristol Palin is the Virgin conduit of the Second Coming, Obama wins. He wins Ohio, and clears 300 electoral votes. I've never really cared for Obama, but Palin has invigorated me. I am not alone.