Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Partlow for Postmaster General

Chris Partlow and Detective Greggs at an Obama rally in North Carolina yesterday. The vote of the one guy who's into The Wire but couldn't decide between McCain and Obama has now been secured. Also, Bill Ayers is a problem but the coldest psychopath in West Baltimore stumping for Obama the McCain people let slide?


Anonymous said...

Apparently McCain is a fan of The Wire. Read that somewhere, but that came way after Obama said the same thing - and gave props to Omar. BTW, you catch David Simon on Colbert, yesterday? Hilarious.

cold4thestreets said...

Yes, I watched, and it was nice to see him being semi-happy about the state of the world. Also, I said to 'Pockets, "And I thought Stewart landing Obama on his show was a get." Good on David Simon. When does Generation Kill come to DVD?

Anonymous said...

December 16.