Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Totally Awess

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So, this afternoon the guy who sells framed prints of middling artwork and vintage posters outside my building shuttered his doors. I went out on a fro-yo run, and caught him muttering his frustrations about "the economy" after some post-fratty douche passed on a discounted photograph of a bunch of wine bottles on a ledge festooned with vines. Then, I walked over to WaMu to get some money and some guy behind me yelled, "Do those things still work? Did they put old J.P. Morgan's face on the receipts yet?" Then I went over to the dry cleaners to pick up my suit pants, and yeah, as suspected, there was nothing they could do about the color fading on the back pocket. These are very troubling times, people. So thank god for the video above. Apparently every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.


Anonymous said...

I'm shockenawed. *Blink*

E said...

i believe this is when the camera cuts to her holding her down syndrome baby.


i kind of think she's going to do awesomely on the debates, though. biden actually knows a little too much.

cold4thestreets said...

Agreed. Biden makes me feel like I wasn't paying enough attention in law school. Wait, actually, my brain makes me feel that way.

Alex said...

So so great! It makes me laugh so hard I don't even worry about my friend [REDACTED 1], whose firm, [REDACTED 2] is going under.

Maybe now [REDACTED 1] will have time to write the Great American Novel.

For the record, Biden also makes me remember how I did not go to class in law school.


ottertutes said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one Biden made to feel a lil' stupid. Phew!

Sorry about the pants C4TS, perhaps you could sue for $20 million like that judge in DC.