Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Microsoft, Hunh?

Now, I love to hate on the New York Times as much as the next person, particularly since in my line of leisure the next person is E.

I mean this venerable institution actually declared New York over and Washington ascendant because the collapse of Wall Street makes it difficult to justify buying $20 cocktails in this, the age of Malia and Sasha. [Ed's note: I have no idea why I can't find a link to the article, which appeared as the lead piece about a week ago, but my word is my bond .] The article is notable not only for its its jarring inanity, but also because all its quotes seemed to have been sourced to bartenders and Iowans, and gathered via email.

But propers where propers are due. In my time away, there was perhaps only one truly notable viral video -- see above -- to make its way onto the scene: the Microsoft extenda-Internet-ad for Microsoft Songsmith, a program that provides predictive, jazzy accompiniment to one's sad, solitary karaoke . As Gabe Delahaye, my soulmate in snark, says "nothing can prepare you" for the video. Anyway, this entire post is pure re-blog, and even the leaden-brained Times has gotten into the fun with its own kicking-Microsoft-when-it's-down piece on the "synthetic treacle" (hours of fun!) Songsmith offers a desperate generation.

Anyway, you must watch the video. You simply must.


E said...

killing me microsoftly?

Anonymous said...

My obsessive-compulsive web search dysfunction couldn't let it slide:

-You know who