Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ox populi

so i was at a party over the weekend and i met this dude who, upon being introduced to me said, "hey, happy new year!"

considering it was january 24, what do you think he meant?

(a) "happy chinese new year!" since january 26 is chinese new year and obvs i'm chinese?
(b) "happy lunar new year!" since he knew koreans also celebrate lunar new year and he can tell koreans and chinese apart?
(c) "happy new year!" since that's what he says to everyone during the month of january regardless of race?


Anonymous said...

definitely (a) -- atg

cold4thestreets said...

This is a vexing question. I am going to try to channel the wisdom of Wesley Snipes, who knows quite a bit about Koreans, Chinese martial arts and racism to see if I can come up with an answer. Sadly, I have a feeling the answer will involve karate chops. Kick as karate chops. Such is the wisdom of the Snipes.

jk said...

had the same thing happen to me this past week.

lois said...

the answer is yes.