Sunday, February 22, 2009

who knew?

i was at the optician's yesterday and there was a late-30s/early-40s ish woman ahead of me dropping off an order for glasses for herself and her husband. she asked that the store call her instead of her husband when his glasses were ready bc he's a banker and works unpredictable hours. the clerk commented, "oh, so your husband is a banker..." probably getting ready to ask how his job was going despite the economy, y'know. i was just surprised that a banker was still employed. the woman interjected with, "well, he's a banker but he also plays in a band."

of course, considering her age and the whole banking thing, i was sure this guy played in a jazz band or something, so i was definitely unprepared for her somewhat sheepish response to the clerk's question "which band?" get this, the butthole surfers. wha?

yup, his wikipedia entry confirms it: He is married and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his West Highland terrier X Donut. anyway, this dude's like a modern day wallace stevens.

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cold4thestreets said...

Gibby Haynes also introduced Scott Weiland to heroin, apparently.