Tuesday, April 7, 2009

this parody works

i actually didn't like the trailer for where the wild things are. oh i dunno, because my heart is made of stone. the forced nostalgia, the arcade fire, the spike jonze...all of it just seems cutesy and cloying, and aimed at everyone who lives in my neighborhood. (even butthole surfer dude?) oh wow, everything has just changed so much. our lives, our world...are so tough. kids nowadays have to grow up so fast that they can't even take that carefree trip to europe at age 16! what can alleviate such suffering? what can help me return to my optimism of yore?

(haha, i know, i'm annoyed by everything. what did you expect? if you wanted puppies and rainbows, you should have gone here.)

anyhoots, here's a hilarious parody.

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cold4thestreets said...

HAHAHA. Everyone knows that I am having a relationship with Gabe from Videogum in my mind, and all he's been talking about for weeks is the Where the Wild Things Are trailer/poster/tie-in happy meal, but I too feel pretty blah about the whole cultural event, and I have read almost every word Dave Eggers has written. And that Arcade Fire song makes me want to be a better person. But goddamnit, Spike Jonze is the worst. Terrible. I walked out of Adaptation, almost. Blog reader Owen, whom I watched it with at the Cobble Hill cinema, seemed to be feeling it. But I would have had I been with someone less charitable. Also, Being John Malkovich should be assassinated. Blargh.