Thursday, April 16, 2009


i totally forgot that it's time for the eurovision song contest, the annual seizure-inducing orgy of lights, choreography, and nonsensical lyrics. the thing is, i am fairly certain that the only notable group to emerge from this spectacle is abba, back in 1974. nevertheless, the tradition continues and eurovision is entering its 54th year. although 42 countries are represented, all the singers sing in english, sometimes to hilarious effect. this czech rap group's alter ego? the baroque cadillac crew. no, i'm sorry, baroque is the least intimidating era ever. okay fine, it's marginally more thug than rococo, but with so much history to mine, why not something like "the cossacks" or just go for the obvious, "the velvet revolution"? totally street.

anyway, to give you an idea of what's to come, check out the winning song from 2008. just when you are thinking to yourself, "why is richie sambora playing the violin?" wait til 1:53 when the lead singer for def leppard inexplicably starts skating feverishly on a teeny patch of ice.

apparently this dude is the frontrunner this year. i say if history is any guide, anoint this lad already--crazy dancing? check. violin? check. the suspense will continue until the finale on may 16.

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cold4thestreets said...

If he wins, maybe he'll take you to Puff Daddy's white party. I know how that's a longstanding goal of yours.