Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Betty White Rides a Shark John Ritter Centaur; Betty White Eats a Shark Hot Dog

One of the maxims (maxima?) I live by is that it's okay to like things that are popular. It took a few years of therapy (high school) for me to come to this realization. Now, two Vampire Weekend albums later, I'm cool with it.

Still, some things, well, some things lose their luster when Internet memes and Facebook groups get a hold of them. I am of course talking about the Golden Girls, who have been a love of this blog's since the start of time. (What's a few Gypsy curses among friends?) Now I know that the Golden Girls were very popular in the 80's, and continue to be popular among 80's nostalgians and gay men of all stripes, but that's just run-of-the-mill interest group popularity that doesn't register much on the full scales of our wide popular culture.

But Betty White in a bikini riding a centaur John Ritter? Betty White Kobayashiing a hot dog? These images came up in my daily news review. Like, they are things in the news. Sigh, Betty. I knew you when.


Jamie Deez said...

Damn. She look fine in dat bikini. Let me short sell some stock, then I take Betty White out for a shark steak dinner. Word is bond, son.

E said...

don't you have a mountaintop removal to finance?