Tuesday, April 6, 2010

you are the champion, my friend

c4ts, i hope you didn't make it into work today bc you were too busy overturning cars in celebration of dook's victory.

and little zoubekia, i hope to meet you soon.


cold4thestreets said...

Sadly, I made it to work. Turning over cars and breaking shit is more of a Maryland basketball tradition.

Thanks for the congratulations. All my victories have a special place in my heart, but this one, I really worked hard for. I really earned it. It's like I always tell the kids out there. Never give up, practice every day, and drink your protein shakes.

E said...

oh my bad. i forgot that dook alums celebrate by not replacing the divots at the polo fields.

champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

cold4thestreets said...

No, I mean literally that's what happens in College Park when they win. They set parked cars on fire. It's kind of strange.

As for your suggestion, ridiculous. How are you supposed to get any hoof traction if you don't stamp the divots between chukkas?