Saturday, March 12, 2011

what language old white dudes think i speak

this guy obviously is one of the most inadvertently entertaining people i've ever worked for/with/whatever. he and i gave a presentation to a group of legal services attorneys last week. we were basically asking them to submit certain reports to us from their clients. that's not the important part. one of the attorneys in attendance asked what our language capabilities were.

partner: yes, we can speak spanish and also (petering out) oriental...

even though i was seated next to him i managed to miss this wonderfully antiquated utterance, and one of the aghast associates told me afterward. i laughed uproariously and then realized, oh wait: one, he's obviously referring to me since i'm the only person of "oriental" descent in his vicinity. two, he probably thought he was being extra aware by not referring to me as "chinese."


cold4thestreets said...

Here is a very short article about a Korean person teaching Pakistanis how to play baseball:

This is our "Ebony and Ivory." (I'm Stevie -- deal.)

E said...

who the f*** are the beatles?!

sho nuff,