Sunday, September 30, 2007

news you can use - part 2

a few summers ago gawker had a "hottest men of the new york times" online poll. of course, i immediately dispatched the link to my friends, including c4ts, who made a pretty convincing case for sewell chan (who, unfortunately, apparently was nominated for neither his body nor his brains). btw, 10 points for anyone who can befriend this guy on facebook. demonstrating that i'm not the only one obsessed with the faces behind the bylines of the times, gawker's subsequent "hotties of X" polls were met with tepid reactions and i think they stopped after "hotties of conde nast" or something equally boring.

i know the holidays are coming up and people are looking for gift ideas, so i thought i would suggest this. i mean, look at that thing. gorgeous. and positively a bargain at $100!

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cold4thestreets said...

That's almost as amazing as my garbge can.

Also, I'm going to send Sewell a Facebook message right now.