Saturday, September 1, 2007

Odyssey -- Part III

So, I guess it was the right time to get the hell out of Ann Arbor. While 110,000 wept in the Big House we were oblivious, touring the Carter Library and Museum and considering the state of Atlanta hipsters. Tomorrow it's Tuskegee, Montgomery, and Mobile. I'm a fast talking, beleathered Lawyer-Brooklynite; Pockets is my sassy, sexy, big-haired sidekick. Hilarity surely will ensue.


Anonymous said...

Appalachian State? Ouch! Weren't you the one who predicted Michigan winning the title this year? Glad I wasn't there either, though shit has been pretty rough in these parts with India playing shamefully all week against their old colonizers.

E said...

dude, giuliana di pandi (or lolipophead, as i like to call her) got married this weekend. you okay? do you need a crisis counselor?