Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the way we were

as i mentioned in a previous post, i've been rather out of the music scene of late. i'm just kind of bored by it. my chief complaint is that these new bands don't seem very consistent. case in point - tapes n tapes. their first album was great. then i went to see them in concert and yeah, maybe it was the fact that i was one of the only people over 25, but it kind of blew. so badly that i had to leave in the middle. they tried songs off their new album and it was some horrifying hybrid of sublime and, hmmm, live. yeah. that sounds about right. maybe i'm just getting old and i need to revive my rick astley collection or something? hey rick, turns out i won't ever give you up.

stay with me here, but what's fred armisen all about? where did this dude come from? how did he end up creating this new site with one of the sleater kinneys? anyway, i started listening to the woods this morning and it made me wish for a giant reunion tour--sleater-kinney and pavement. i'll throw built to spill in there, too, although i'm pretty sure they're still together. i'll pretend i'm still 20 and afraid to go to alphabet city.

what's that you say, sasha frere jones?

btw, c4ts - why do magazines in asia always have white women (and blondes, at that) on the cover? shit makes me ill.


E said...

you know, i was thinking to myself: what about broken social scene? the stars? other such canadian bands?

i couldn't get into the new pornographers to save my life, even though they have like a dozen albums out. and i was pretty damn bummed when bss broke up. what happened to wolf parade? they put out one good album, created about 5 spin-off bands, and their second album is nowhere to be found.

anyway, yeah, boredom and malaise it is.

cold4thestreets said...

Dude, I can't comment right now. I'm still devastated by the Oink situation.

Heidi said...

hey, wolf parade's next album comes out soon. and kevin drew of broken social scene released an album last month - "spirit if" - i've listened a bit, and like it so far. the stars released an album earlier this year that i didn't find much in. if you haven't already, subscribe to emusic. $20/month for 50 songs. all "independent" labels. well worth it.