Wednesday, December 26, 2007

peanuuuut peanut butter!

while in the ATL my family and i decided to pay a visit to the carter center, since jimmy carter (i think) remains my dad's favorite president. sure, stagflation, but who remembers such things nowadays? anyway, i took a few photos:

yes please!

peanuts, teeth - really don't need anything else. amazing how it actually resembles him, kind of like that munch muppet.

i wish they'd sold these posters in the gift shop. i sure would've bought one.

the infamous cardigan.

then we proceeded to the MLK jr. museum, which was about a mile away. unfortunately, the ebenezer baptist church was closed due to renovations and all of the tours of his birth home were full. i got a photo of the church, though.

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cold4thestreets said...

Dude, how is that you and I have both been to the Carter Center in the last few months, but neither of us (I'm guessing) could make it to North Campus to see Gerald Ford's football helmet or whatever it is they keep in his library?