Monday, March 3, 2008

Macy Gray Takes Break from Bar Mitzvah Circuit

Remember that scene in The Usual Suspects when Kevin Spacey tells Joe Mantegna that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist? I'm beginning to think Karl Rove took that to heart when he dropped out of electoral politics, at least publicly, to secretly control whatever's left of's mindgrapes. There's no other explanation for this latest celebration of two of the most alienating institutions known to "values voters," Hollywood and fascism--in the name of all things Obama.

I don't care if Obama brings these guys onto the stump with him, but if he doesn't denounce and reject that weirdo Black-Eyed Peas guy and his "kung-fu inspired dancing," I have no choice but to write in Putin.


E said...

considering how i felt about the peas' last outing, i watched this one with the sound off and i note the following:

1) i'm not listening to any woman who decided to have cash warren's baby.
2) is that lenny kravitz's daughter? is she even old enough to vote?
3) malcolm jamal warner! that's twice in like 2 weeks.
4) where is ryan from the OC? i know he's been campaigning for obama. BIG MISTAKE.
5) what is happening with kerry washington's lips?!

i miss the subtlety of p diddy's VOTE OR DIE campaign.

E said...

btw - you got so excited about that kung fu story that you linked to it twice.

please replace with shirtless putin photo. thx.

cold4thestreets said...

I fixed the link, but instead of shirtless Putin I came up with a pretty good substitute.

Also, I literally have no idea what you're talking about in points 1, 2, 4, and 5, which made the viewing of this video even more interesting for me.

Still, and I know this approaches shame levels last seen with the great Kelly Ripa debate, but thanks big baby Jesus for Jessica Alba. When did I become such a douchey frat boy?

E said...

hello, she's marrying a guy named CASH WARREN! doesn't get frattier than that.

well, maybe CHAD warren.