Wednesday, March 5, 2008

maybe someone's gonna save me

oh sweet nostalgia, please tell me this is true.

finally, the realization of my greatest fantasy...and c4ts' nightmare.


jk said...

remember when we saw these guys in 2000 on the TT tour. and on our way back uptown, i started singing in chronological order by album track listing every song that they didn't play? i sang them into the steve west drumstick that i caught and somewhere around 72nd street you told me to shut up.

E said...

oh HO rashomon - i remember this tale differently. first, i believe i was the one pathetic enough to ask the guitar tech or whoever to give me the broken stick. second, i would never tell someone to "shut up".

...or would i?

jk said...

ok ok ok. let me get this straight. i think it was fall 99. they definitely played fight this generation. we both might have sticks, i just know that i have one b/c it's in my parents house in ohio.

you may have not told me to "shut up" but when you realized that i actually knew all the words to all the songs and was about to sing all of them, you said something like, "oh my god, you're actually going to do this..." and i stopped.

btw: check pitchfork for clarity on this issue.

E said...

yeah, that's the same drumstick. i think i let you have it bc i just couldn't imagine that i'd enjoy it as much.

sigh. couldn't you wait at least like 24 hours before crushing my dreams?