Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beau Knows

Things that are weird: both vice-presidential front-runners, Joe Biden and Evan Bayh (pictured above) have sons named Beau -- see here and here. White people be crazy!


E said...

beau kneaus?


cold4thestreets said...

hey, go read the wikipedia page on birch bayh, evan's father. wish homeboy should be reanimated and slated for number two. his son is a big douche.

E said...

it took a while for me to decipher who's who, but birch II is still alive, my friend. and not that much older than mccain. i love that birch II supported the ERA. melts my cold, ossified heart.

what's your beef with birch III? still better than biden, no? but i'm not even going to pretend i know anything about bayh except the fact he's from indiana.

y'know, my friend's brother is named burch (sic) and i always thought it was weird. white people indeed.

cold4thestreets said...

I am all about killing people off in this blog.

No, Bayh is not better than Biden. I am not totally sure I've heard all your objections to Biden. But The Biden-Lugar bill is a really sensible piece of legislation, aimed at a part of the world our government seems to misunderstand and/or exploit for political gain.

Also, he equipped himself very well in the presidential debates, and would be a good attack dog in the vice-presidential debate. He's feisty and he's smart on policy.

Now, I realize he has a tendency to say stupid things in other contexts, is the consummate inside the beltwayer, brings no swing state into play, and couldn't manage to make much a dent in Iowa and New Hampshire, but Bayh is guilty of the same poor judgment Obama says McCain showed with Iraq. Why should he get a pass? I think Bayh can bring Indiana into the fold, but I think he's a total douchebag whose political position was bestowed on him. I've had enough of those guys.

Kaine might end up proving himself, I don't know, but I don't want the Lieutenant Governor (who's a Republican) taking over Virginia, when things are finally looking up there, and you know my feelings about Kaine being a distant third to Webb and Warner in the Virginia hierarchy. He's faced total legislative gridlock in Richmond, and doesn't bring the state into play.

As for Sebelius, I buy that the irrational Hillary foot-soldiers will tear the party asunder if she's picked.

In the end, this is a poverty of choices and McCain will win. I'm fine with Biden. I would've preferred Dodd.

E said...

do you really think mccain's choices are any better? both ridge and lieberman are pro-choice (although who the eff knows how wedded lieberman is to anything, arsehole), while romney is...well, a huge douchebag. i can't imagine the mythical swing voters will be any more into those guys.

speculation aside, god, how the fuck did we get here?! i hope i eat my words, but we are so seriously fucked.