Sunday, August 24, 2008


if you are tv-less (or waiting for the price of tvs to drop) like me, you can catch the entire convention online. live! don't say howard dean hasn't done anything for you.

y'know, i intended the above video to be funny bc i just remember laughing my head off when i watched it back in 2000. now it makes my head hurt. or makes my head cry? oh gore-bot.

oh wait, this one is funny. whew.


cold4thestreets said...

dude, i think tv's have kind of bottomed out in terms of price. unless you're planning to buy a fancy pants LCD or something.

E said...

aren't all regular tvs going to be obsolete in 2009 or something ridiculous? i thought i should wait to get the latest technology at a decent price rather than spend (albeit insignificant) money on something facing extinction.

sugarpockets said...

you should get it from costco.