Monday, March 30, 2009

depressing news of the day

i have to confess that i listen to "wait wait don't tell me" every week. i know, can you believe that isn't the depressing news of the day?

in case you don't prefer to learn about the news in a nerdy quiz show format, wait wait don't tell me is...well, a news show in a nerdy quiz format. to give you an idea of how nerdy, you don't win money or even an npr tote bag--you get an answering machine message recorded by carl kasell. each week they also invite a famous (or not so famous, in the case of stefan fatsis--who? yeah, c4ts, you've read his last 5 books. i know) guest, and this week was kim deal. whoa.

well, this confirmed that i am probably not their only listener under the age of 50, much to my relief. but the interview was so depressing. first, she revealed that she lives with her parents in dayton, ohio. ok, so according to her wiki entry she's taking care of her mom, who has alzheimers. yes, that is admirable. no, that doesn't make it any less depressing. second, she tried to make some joke about how nobody wants to see an old rock star...haha...ugh...

wow, geez, let me try to make it up to you. how about...this? or this?


cold4thestreets said...

Stefan Fatsis has not written five books, and I've only read Wordfreak, so don't you feel dumb?

Thumbu Sammy said...

Kim Deal now lives with her parents? In Ohio? Next thing you're gonna say is that Black Francis is a fat, bald white guy.