Monday, March 16, 2009


i went to some random concert like six months ago headlined by stella. i was seriously underwhelmed and borderline angry for having wasted my time.

well, maybe michael ian black is working his way back to me, babe, thanks to the fuckitlist, i.e., shit you could care less about doing before you die. yes indeedy corncob, it's like a bucket list without the tedious having to do stuff stuff. unfortunately, this requires me to be on twitter, which i'm convinced is accelerating humanity's decline, so i'll just list some below, in no particular order:

- use twitter
- properly learn basic physics, y'know, like levers and force and stuff like that
- drive a stickshift
- visit arizona, wyoming, or saskatchewan (i'd include arkansas in this list too, except i have to go there for a wedding in a month)
- eat at long john silver's

any you wanna share?


cold4thestreets said...

Read Gravity's Rainbow. Fucking literary d-bags, I hope you losing your indoor soccer game.

Thumbu Sammy said...

But eating at Long John Silver's has become really easy these days, E; they've joined forces with KFC - so now you can get your lovehandles all at one place.