Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great Powers, Great Responsibilities -- Part II

I killed Estele Getty. I caused Morgan Freeman's car accident. And now I've arrested Brittany Murphy's heart. On Monday, I made a passing reference to one of Tai's great lines from Clueless and wondered aloud why we have a Brittany Murphy tag on this blog.

By Sunday Brittany Murphy was dead.

There are no words.

We can argue about fate, about a little read blog's murderous powers, or we can watch the above video wherein which Rue McLanahan parodies Brittany Murphy's character Tai from Clueless.

What the fuck is happening, people??

Also, sorry, Rue McLanahan. I cannot control what will befall you now. You deserve better. Forgive me.


E said...

dude! leave rue mclanahan alone!

Heidi said...

Hold up. This is the second of Ashton Kutcher's exes to die young and under unusual circumstances. Regulators...Mount up!

cold4thestreets said...

Sorry. Am not up on Ashton Kutcher's sext life. He used to hook up with Estelle Getty?