Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Very Special Hollywood Christmas

In Hollywood, nothing is sacred. You should know that by now. Silly you, thinking these two would make it, what with their love and idealism and graceful aging and being model citizens and all.


E said...

this sucks.

Molly said...

What. The. Fuck. Is nothing sacred?

Actually my sister has spent some time around these two and says that they are surprisingly irritating. Or not that surprising, actually.

E said...

of course they're irritating! they're insufferable smug liberals with their seemingly lasting union despite the whole eschewing with the institution of marriage thing. also, doesn't at least one of them blog for huffpo? guaranteed recipe for annoyance.

still, i stand by my original assessment: this sucks. also, i once saw susan sarandon eating ice cream with one of her kids and she was positively luminous.

cold4thestreets said...

i once took my class on a field trip to the whitney (on the designated closed-to-the-public, field trip day), and she was there, chaperoning her kid's class, just like a normal mom!