Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Not Going to Spend My Life Being a Color

E, You're feeling down today, since Lloyd Blankfein, your ertwhile hero and future husband, turns out is not the stand-up dude we thought him to be. I want to cheer you up. If I knew how to Photoshop, I'd put your face in place of this girl's--although I don't know that I have ever seen you with as pained an expression as hers. It's like the photographer captured the very moment her appendix burst. Still the picture is saved by our boy M Sizzle. You crazy for this one, RNC! Urban suburban hip communities be my jam!

ps -- I really wanted to put a still from the Michael Jackson "Black or White" video next to this picture. You know the still I mean. The one where after the rap interlude, MJ and Macauley strike the same timeless, hoppity hip shoulder blade to blade, arms-crossed pose. But all I could find was this.


E said...

correction: you mean you've never seen me that close to a black person.

cold4thestreets said...

But M. Sizzle told me it's all good. No need to fear him. He is "down with Chinamen. Boo ya! Parents just don't understand!" You should reconsider your policy.

E said...

for the record, i've never wanted blankfein as my husband.

jamie dimon, on the other hand...(who, btw, took his private jet to see the prez in person).

aight, mc steele, let's get our minstrelsy on.