Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i got a feeling

that this is like an anti-party anthem.

party jams by definition are cheesy, infectious and rousing. in recent memory, has there been a song that tried harder to party yet failed so resoundingly? everything about this song is so forced--the excessive autotune, a video teeming with party cliches (red plastic cup, hot girls kissing, overflowing alcohol, couch jumping) that manages to be incredibly dull, and these near-desperate party lyrics, which they neither sing nor rap, but semi-shout:

Tonight’s the night night
Let’s live it up
I got my money
Let’s spend it up

Go out and smash it
like Oh My God
Jump off that sofa
Let’s get get OFF

Fill up my cup
Mazal tov
Look at her dancing
just take it off

it's just too literal.

1 comment:

cold4thestreets said...

That "mazel tov" line is pretty good though, you have to admit.