Thursday, January 7, 2010

music blogs i like

i read somewhere that NPR is the most popular source for non-top-1o new music. is this true? i guess i agree, since 3 of the 4 blogs/podcasts i like are affiliated with public radio of some sort.

1. all songs considered: good blog and podcasts of concerts in their entirety, usually out of DC. mostly indie bands, but every once in a while they'll throw in other stuff like mavis staples.

2. monitor mix: carrie brownstein of sleater-kinney (why did you break up? i never even got to see you live, boohoo) writes an amusing blog on music and other randomness. her breezy, chatty tone surprised me. i guess it's the pacific northwestern friendliness in her, but s-k's music made me think she would be less lighthearted. i don't think she has a podcast yet (?). she should get on that.

3. sound opinions: a talk show all about music with the music critics of the chicago tribune and chicago sun-times. they bicker over best-of lists, invite guests for concerts, and geek out. it's by american public media--is this different from national public radio? anyway, good podcast, if only to yell at them for choosing yoshimi battles the pink robots as best album of 2002. (foreal?)

4. itunes celebrity playlist. is that embarrassing? i have no idea how to link to them, so here's stereogum's running list. if you ever wanted to know what clint eastwood's been listening to (or what his PR person told him he's been listening to, y'know), this is the right podcast for you.

did you read the profile or whatever of vampire weekend (sorry, subscription required, although here is a bizarre excerpt featuring some guy from blink-182) in the new yorker? they sound kinda insufferable. oh well, maybe i'm just jealous since all i got with my pretentiously latin columbvs unversitvs degree were some dog-eared copies of civilization and its discontents. you go, boys.


cold4thestreets said...

Try KEXP's Music That Matters podcast
as well. As a Pacific Northwesterner (Wait, does this term offend you? As a Vancouverite, would you prefer Pacific Southwesterner?), anyway, as one who from a filthy Canadian city near Seattle, I am surprised this is not on your list.

Also, I am crafting a magnum opus re albums of the decade. You will have opinions. Many, many opinions. No Vampire Weekend, but leave those kids alone. They are so cute and cuddly, though the New Yorker piece is stupid. It was like a Shouts and Murmurs column.

Anonymous said...


E said...

more like a "night out with..." column.

also, c4ts, your command of chinese is way better than i'd imagined.

E said...

also, dude, truthfully speaking, i lived in vancouver before the advent of the internets and we didn't get any seattle stations. besides, i'm fairly certain that my time on the west coast coincided with my big phil collins phase.

which still continues.

Anonymous said...

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Thumbu Sammy said...

I totally agree with Anonymous.

jk said...

e, as a fellow alumnus of alma mater, i really liked the VW article in the NYer. they are total geeks and owning it. they turn everything into a research project. you know you would've crushed out on them and hated yourself for it, and then went around afterwards and been like, "i had a huge crush on __ [i'd guess the keyboardist] when i was in undergrad!"