Thursday, January 21, 2010

checking in with...

james franco. he played the sensitive punk rather well on freaks and geeks. then went onto co-star in the spider-man movies. his interview on fresh air, circa milk, was rather painful. he's pretty inarticulate despite enrolling in like 4 or 5 colleges, including, infamously, columbia.

well well well, turns out i completely underestimated him! he's operating in a meta-universe that is way beyond me.

- first, he decided to play some crazy artist on general hospital, also named franco. those who bothered to think about it probably thought, why would a pretty famous and established actor go on a soap opera?
- then he wrote an op-ed in the wall street journal (confirming my long-held suspicion that the journal is actually way more out there than the times ever will be, caveman diet or not) about how said stint on GH is actually performance art.
- asked why he went on GH in the first place, turns out he will be in a movie playing a character who used to be on a soap opera, so he decided to go on a soap opera. what??

anyway, the point of this whole post, of course, is about his role last week as himself on 30 rock. explaining his decision to play a creepy version of himself obsessed with a japanese body pillow, he said, "I thought it was pretty weird at first, but then I met Kimiko and she's so pretty and sweet. I kept her. She's at the apartment. I haven't been around for a while, so she's been a little lonely."

you win, franco. i will never doubt your career choices ever again.

oh yeah, c4ts, stop pooping on all my posts. why don't you go ahead and post your 7000 favorite songs of the aughts already.


cold4thestreets said...

Sorry, post-pooping is my joint. Also, come on. If you're going to try to up our readership by referencing American Idol, a show I have never watched ever, and which I tell people all the time I have never watched because I am insecure about my coolness, then you should know what to expect. Anyway, if our blog were the Tonight Show, you would be Jay Leno -- which is to say in charge.

Me, I'll just take my orange bouffant to the golf course, thank you very much.

As for James Franco, that guy looks like he's really enjoying life. He's got to be the most self-possessed person in Hollywood. But wow, I can't believe he's inarticulate, considering the fact that he went to all these good colleges, including yours. (You know I wasn't going to let this slide.) He gotten into Big Baby Blue, no doubt, because of his intellectual gifts, and not because, you know, he's famous. Or maybe when your extra-curricular activity is a TV show, and not, say, the chess club, you stand out more, even if you're kind of a dummy.

Let's FOIA Franco's SAT scores and settle this score. Educational Testing Services is a government agency, right?

E said...

are you making fun of my chin and my collection of maybachs you jimmy kimmel?