Wednesday, May 12, 2010

against all odds

i remember some stat from when i was a kid that no NHL team has managed to overcome a 3-1 playoff series deficit. i'm not sure whether that record still stands, but alas, the canucks were unable to beat the odds. so much for your dream of an all-canadian final, TS!

vancouver, phil understands your pain.


Thumbu Sammy said...

Well, the Canucks are out, as are the Wings. But the Habs are going all the way. And the Jets back in Winnipeg?

E said...

i don't really understand why the jets ever moved in the first place. phoenix + hockey never made sense to me. yet another reason why i think gary bettman is incompetent.

i've not paid attention to the habs since the patrick roy days and i couldn't name a single player on the team now, but i definitely will be rooting for them if they make it to the finals.

cold4thestreets said...

Really. Stop it. Just stop it.

Also, Habs suck. They disrespected my Capitals by beating them with superior play.

E said...

god, dad, just let me talk about what i want!

(giving you a preview of a future argument)

cold4thestreets said...

Pockets and I were thinking the other day of recording videos of our impersonations of future Baby Zoubs as a tween.

"I hate my life! You are so unfair! Why won't you let me have a hovercraft like all my friends!"

Then we're going to show them to her when she throws a fit. And then we are going to laugh. We are going to laugh at our child.

E said...

you didn't have a kid just to nurture and love her unconditionally, did you?