Monday, May 31, 2010

is this thing on?

dude, what's new, aside from the whole too busy to blog because you're a new father thing, i mean.

as the quagmires in the middle east and the koreas each deepens, the gulf of mexico turns to black and the summer of death 2010 begins, i raise this most relevant question: have you read any of the reviews for sex and the city 2? you really should! you can tell that the reviewers really leaned into challenge of describing their horror and disgust as vividly as possible. how else to explain amazing lines like, "Though the sequel is a welcome return of the four women we know and love, it's tough not to acknowledge that if we were all friends in real life, at this point we'd probably stop taking their calls." zing! or "Some of these people make my skin crawl." aaaand "The only thing memorable about Sex and the City 2 is the number two part, which describes it totally, if you get my drift."

also, are you watching party down? wha? why not?!
ps. the above image is from an exhibit i saw recently, where i also saw john lithgow eating lunch with his family. he is very tall.


cold4thestreets said...

Let me try to take these points in turn.

1) Am not too busy to blog. Just holding back and collecting my thoughts. Been meditating on things and shit. I have gathered some wisdom and will share it here soon. For instance, if the World Cup teams were 30 Rock characters who would they be?

2) The nice thing about the baby is that for almost a week and a half, my understanding of the oil spill was so superficial, i thought a tanker had crashed into something in the Gulf. Of course, baby things got normalized, more or less, and then I came to know the searing hellfire that is our daily news.

3) I recall a spirited discussion you and I had at Great Lakes, that bar in Not-Gowanus/Not-Park-Slope a few years back. I believe I said that Sex and the City was a scourge on feminism and undermined any hope for a gender-equal future. I made many declarations about the diminishment of our culture this show has encouraged. Then you asked me how many episodes I'd watched. I probably said zero, and that ended the argument.

3) Yeah, yeah. Party Down, Breaking Bad, etc. I know, I know. I am but one carbon-based TV-watching organism. Everything in turn. I'll get to it sometime in 2012.


E said...

hey, i admit it. i liked sex and the city, the tv show. sure, it's demented in its extravagance and an utterly unrealistic depiction of virtually every aspect of new york living, but it was hilarious, biting and entertaining as hell.

i don't know about breaking bad. cancer-stricken chem teacher forced to start a meth lab to support his family? sounds fun.

i will say this, though: party down on the whole has been WAY better than 30 rock this season, even that pirate hook hands episode. and your bud heather havrilesky is obsessed with that show. if that's not enough to convince you, i don't know what is.

also, i don't know about teams, but drogba is totally twofer: african, peacebroker.