Sunday, May 2, 2010

is obama secretly a fan of wings?

how else to explain the presence of both tim daly and steven weber at the white house correspondents' dinner?

where was tony shalhoub?!


Thumbu Sammy said...

Hey, speaking of wings... can we get some more NHL coverage on Detritus? These playoffs are fantastic, so far.

E said...

yes! i'm totally going to blog about hockey since both c4ts and sugarpockets will presumably be offline for a while.

time for me to take over! muhahahaha!!

Thumbu Sammy said...

I'm pulling for a Canadiens-Canucks final, if the mighty Wings go down to San Jose.

E said...

hahaha lowest-rated finals ever! this, combined with gary bettman's (predictably) shortsighted refusal to allow the NHL to participate in the 2014 olympics may finally put this league out of its misery.

i do hope the canucks make it past this round. that city really needs it.

cold4thestreets said...

This is why I can never leave you two without supervision. Very disappointed.