Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are You Professional?

Until E sends me a mashup of De Jong drop kicking into a Zidane headbutt, I will have to content myself with the mash-up above.  Also, I quit my job, and am going to a new place where the people I've interacted with so far don't seem resolutely committed to mispronouncing my name in a variety of ways. Because I have some time in between gigs, this also means no more dudes-only happy hours, and way more blogging. Look out, world. Soon I will share my thoughts on all the many topics I've missed: SB 1070, Lebron James, the iPad, the shocking news that the Israeli Army's internal investigation more or less cleared the IDF for its actions during the flotilla massacre. You will find some classic rants, for sure. Or you might just find stupid videos. Either way, we're all winners here.

1 comment:

E said...

Damn. I guess I can never watch bird on a wire again.