Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sports break

in honor of baseball hothead lou piniella's retirement, i wanted to post his infamous fight with rob dibble. alas, you really cannot find that video online! believe me, i tried. for at least 5 minutes. yeah, i know that page says "watch this video." well, guess what, you can't. you'll get a weather report instead.

anyway, hope that tiny photo suffices. so long, lou!

ps. here is a good description, if you care:

The Occasion: Bullnecked psycho Rob Dibble didn't care for being taken out of a 1992 game for another pitcher, especially since he thought manager Lou Piniella had been badmouthing him to the media. So he decided to squawk about it in the locker room.

The Meltdown: Unfortunately for Dibble, Piniella has never been a cerebral Joe Maddon type of manager. Instead, he waded in for a fight that degenerated into a wrestling match.

The Fallout: While the incident quickly blew over, Piniella's crack of "I'd treat you like a man, but you don't want to be treated like a man!" helped ensure a lifetime of embarrassment for everyone involved.


Jamie Deez said...

Back from Vay-Cay! Rob Dibble?! Girl, Is you listening to his calls of Nationals games on the radio? Why? Is you lonely in the Deezy? No good. J.D. be there next week. Google Wave me on my Android. Let's hook it up.

E said...

jdeez, i really have no clue what happened to the dibs since this fight, but it left a big impression on me when i saw it back in 92 or whenever.