Sunday, July 11, 2010

superfluous and belated movie review of the month: hot tub time machine

do you know this is our 666th post?!

hot tub time machine - surprisingly enjoyable! ok ok, so it blatantly rips off back to the future. the plot is barely, extremely minimally constructed. craig robinson speaks at a near-whisper the entire time for some reason. 80s neon clothes are kind of a cheap gag. i feel like john cusack agreed to be in this movie solely so that he can make out with lizzy caplan. (party down, RIP).

blahblahblah, anyway. there is no plot to give away, really. the movie begins in kind of morbid fashion: the three 40s-ish main characters are living rather dreary lives, all working in semi-dead end jobs and in terrible/nonexistent relationships. one of them attempts suicide, which brings the three together. they decide to relive their glory (?) days and cheer up the suicidal one at a ski resort they used to frequent in the 80s. one obvious plot twist later, they end up in the 80s, able to retrace their steps and see exactly where and how their lives and youthful dreams went astray. butterfly effect aside, will the main characters be able to resist the temptation to plot their lives differently? oh the suspense!

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cold4thestreets said...

Lizzy Caplan is the teased for being a Lesbian, but secretly is just Lebanese girl from Mean Girls. Interesting. Here is a list of female actressors from Mean Girls:

-Lindsay Lohan
-Tina Fey
-Amy Poehler
-Rachel McAdams
-That one with the weird eyes who's in all the movies now
-Lizzy Caplan

One of these is a coked out illiterate in jail whose parents are monsters. The rest are successful.