Sunday, November 28, 2010

yo gabba gabba doo

so i didn't know anything about yo gabba gabba, except that hipster bands sometimes performed on it. of course, leave it up to my 5-year-old niece to convince me of the merits of this show. how? let me demonstrate through a photo:

indeed, my niece decided to dress as plex this halloween. i'm so proud of her for choosing, by far, the nerdiest character on YGG. a lesser child probably would have chosen that pink thing with a flower on her head, or at least the cute blue thing. not to mention, can we discuss how my sister made this costume? let me give you the full effect, minus gloves and shoes:

in case you don't know what this show is all about, here is a taste:


cold4thestreets said...

The best!

cold4thestreets said...

OMG. Still the best.

E said...

True. She IS the best. Will send more fotos separately.