Tuesday, May 3, 2011


c4ts helpfully reminded me that i'm old. the first time i really recognized that milestones were passing me by was when i turned 18 and realized that could never be drafted into the NHL. yeah, i know, i'm also female and have never played ice hockey in my life, but i was at least of age. the second milestone that passed me by was when i could no longer be a contestant on the real world. then life kind of hummed along, until i realized that i no longer qualified for the world bank's young professionals program. someone helpfully pointed out to me today that i'm 5 years too old to be a navy SEAL.

indeedily doodily--i'm old.

being so old is a bummer, no secret. i dunno, maybe others march into their 30s, completely at ease and eager. i loathe birthdays. before you become concerned, let me try to explain: it's not like i had some amazing life goal / bucket list and i'm sad that i didn't meet my own standards. no, this is just some overriding...unease. i think i'm mostly just bummed about the passage of time because there is something so inherently optimistic about youth. granted, i've always been cynical and kind of over it, but even my proto-daria self knew that opportunities abound for the young. you may be wondering, do i even feel like i missed out on anything in particular? not really! i know. this whole navel-gazing makes no sense.

i guess this is just an extension of my being sad over age-ing out of the NHL. i am more affected by the irrelevant.

uh what? back to our regularly scheduled programming.


cold4thestreets said...

hey, silly. it's time for you to get cracking on that screenplay: a plucky, proto-daria of british columbian/korean descent finally kicks that work-a-day life and gets back to her dream of playing in the NHL...a chance encounter with ted leonsis in the middle of yet another disappointing playoff run...a michael neuvirth psychotic break...could she be the key to all that's wrong with the capitals? can she win the team over with her lightening reflexes and laser focus in the net? and why does leonsis keep looking at her with that twinkle in his eye?

E said...

whom would i cast? the possibilities are so finite.

i'm awaiting the gross photos of ovechkin partying on a yacht.